Event Master’s Degree


Both creative and technical, this 2-year training program prepares students to manage luxury event projects, from the design and cost of the project to the complete execution of the event.

The lessons provided are both theoretical and practical: the pedagogy of skill blocks is accompanied by large-scale projects set up with professionals, and the creative aspect is well integrated into the course.

Optional Initiation: Culinary and Floral Art

The creation of a summary thesis completes the training.

Philosophy / Humanities / Arts and design culture / Communication / Semiology / Sociology / Project management / Intellectual property / Economic and legal contexts / 3D computer graphics: project representation / Plastic expression / Creative process / Design studio / Real projects

A graduate with a High School Diploma +5 level will be able to manage a creative project from conception to completion. They will also be able to organize the set-up of an event alongside the management and planning of all subcontractors and partners linked to the event.

They will be able to easily integrate into an agency or a structure in the field of events, stands, decorations, stage designing, performances. Likewise, they will be able to set up their own structure to evolve as a freelancer or find a position as a junior artistic director.

Terms of Access

All students with a minimum of 3 years of higher education in Applied Arts who have studied volume and space, product design.

Motivation Interview and presentation of personal work.

Access Level

High school Diploma +5 years
School Diploma


Artistic Director
Event Project Manager
Commercial Event organiser
Event Coordinator


1st year: 10 to 14 weeks
2nd year: 8 weeks

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