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Immaconcept campus Le Mirail, School of Design is a private college of Applied Arts, created in 2008 and located in the emblematic district of Victoire in Bordeaux. Their training courses dedicated to Design and Event Management focuses their pedagogical bases on the professional, technical and artistic skills necessary for professional success.

Thanks to their admissions system, which is based on plurality and diversity, the school is committed to welcoming their students into a warm and friendly atmosphere, all while accepting each others differences ; this is what makes our school strong.

A strength, which is also consolidated by a method of real accompaniment and follow-up between students and teachers, so that each one may flourish in their working environment and develop individually as well as together.

From theory to practice, from advice to mutual aid, all the ingredients are brought together in order to create a real dynamisme around their education.

An atmosphere of sharing also gives rise to the values of high-standards and know-how in order to train qualified and professional students, capable of meeting the contemporary needs of the job market.


In an era of new consumptions, the campus is also looking to become more eco-responsible in terms of the building itself, the working methods of its educational community and its training courses, based on the AFD eco-desginers’ charter.

Learn more about the campus’ commitments for the next 5 years here.

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