Professional Bachelor’s Multimedia Designer


This course offers students the opportunity to master the challenges of graphic design and to develop the technical and artistic creativity necessary to carry out visual projects in professional environments.

Graphically formulate ideas, functional concepts, adapt to constraints and understand the challenges of graphic production and branding.

Mastering technical and artistic skills, both traditional and contemporary, is fundamental and helps students in the development of their professionalization.

General culture and expression / Philosophy / Modern language / Physical sciences / Economics and management / Artistic education / Graphic design culture / Typographic culture / Plastic practice / Intention Drawing / Creation technology / Production technology / Communication culture / Creation studio

Title of Fashion and Textile Product Designer / Certified level 6
Specialisation in Multimedia Computer Graphics

The bachelor’s degree leads to employment opportunities in communication agencies, graphic design studios or communication departments of large companies, as well as public or private instituions.

Terms of Access

General, technological or professional baccalaureate, STD2A (applied arts)
Students who have completed a MANAA (applied arts levelling) or an art preparatory year

Motivation interview and presentation of personal work

Access Level

Certified level 6 title
Nomenclature of training specialities code 241n, 234, 242, by decision of France Compétences dated 17 June 2021, awarded by the Collège de Paris – Ecole Conte



Artistic Director

Artistic communication manager

Multimedia project manager

Computer Graphics Designer, Webdesigner

Graphic designer, Advertising Graphic Designer



2nd semester: 8 weeks/ 280 hours
4th semester: 12 weeks/ 420 hours
6th semester: 12 to 16 weeks

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